Kiln Building

Building wood kilns has been a part of Isaac’s obsession with ceramics since very early on in his practice.  Isaac first gained interest in woodfiring as part of his early tertiary studies, and that has continued as a natural progression into kiln building. Woodfired kilns are built in-situ due to their scale, and as such Isaac has had many opportunities to build kilns in different shapes and sizes with a wide variety of finished outcomes.


Throughout the history of ceramics different cultures have innovated solutions within kiln building development to maximize heat gain.  As a kiln builder today, Isaac is able to access this information and explore different kiln styles lending different ideas to explore these designs.  The site on which the kiln is built and the materials available to construct it differ, and because of this each kiln is unique.  As well as building woodfired kilns, Isaac builds variants such as high fire gas kilns made of fiber and brick, and a wide range of Raku kilns.

Pizza Ovens

Delicious pizza is just the beginning.  A well made pizza oven can be used to cook anything you would normally cook in your oven, with the added benefit of infusing a lovely, smokey flavour.  Due to Isaac’s experience using refractory materials for kiln building, he applies that knowledge to pizza oven construction with great results.  Like his kilns, Isaac’s pizza ovens are built to last and much more successful than commercially bought kits.  Each oven is built on-site to the clients specifications, which can include additions such as wood storage under the oven, or an adjacent food preparation area.  The finish of your oven can be customised in a variety of colours, treatments, and features.  Isaac’s ovens are made with love and attention to detail, just for you.

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