Isaac has taught ceramics classes to a wide range of students, from beginners in community-based projects, people with disabilities in long-term ceramic studio employment, and focused classes for the more experienced maker. These teaching opportunities have been delivered in both long and short term classes covering the full range of popular ceramic techniques, plus weekend workshops focused on firing methods and demonstrations at public events.

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Classes & Workshops: 2018

Flat Out

This will be a focused class on producing a range of plates.

This 6-week class is geared towards those with an intermediate level of clay experience, as a small amount of clay experience is helpful.

The course will cover a range of production methods of plates using the potters’ wheel and hand building techniques.

Along with the plate production there will be a focus on surface treatment to finish the works.


Start – 18th of June
Finish – 20th of July


Tasmanian Ceramics Studio

Pouring & Containment

This specific wheel throwing class will focus on lids, spouts and multi sectional joining.

6-week class is for an intermediate level of clay experience, as a small amount of clay experience is helpful.

This course will teach you how to design and construct forms with multiple parts.  There will be a focus on overcoming production faults which are common with this technique of making.

Participants will select their own projects which will push their current skill level.


Start – 13th of August
Finish – 17th of September


Tasmanian Ceramics Studio

Woodfiring Workshop

This workshop is designed to teach the process of woodfiring in a collaborative setting.

We will first spend 1 day treating the ceramics with glazes specialised for the atmosphere of a woodfiring.

Once the glazes dry, the ceramics are then loaded into the kiln over 3 days.

The kiln is then fired.  This process takes 3 full days of students and teacher working in shifts to get our kiln to target temperature.

The kiln will then cool for 5 days before finally, all of our hard work will be revealed as the kiln is unloaded.


September School Holidays
Intermittent 2 Weeks


Quixotica Artspace, Cooroy, QLD

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